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With Special Guest Star:
Bhagyashree as online celebrity chef and health expert in:
(Rays of Hope)

The Rays Welcome You...

About Susan - Rays of Hope

Oxford-based English Tutor, Steve Ray, has separated from his wife, Corinne who has had to transfer to the MET Police in London, during the first wave of the pandemic. The ongoing stress and turmoil of their relationship, coupled by the events of the pandemic, takes them further apart. Only Susan, their daughter knows how to bring them back together but she is faced with her own adversities as she is struck by the COVID-19 virus. Susan is sent to hospital after a week's self-isolation yet she finds the strength to recover only to come back into her parents' lives with a greater commitment of hope and love that helps them get them back together again. Together they all become a ray of hope for one another. 

Karin - Susan Ray.png
Karin - Susan Ray.png

Neil Mukherjee is: 
Steve Ray

Steve has relutantly accepted Corinne's transfer from Thames Valley Police, Oxford to the Met Police in London after they separated during the first wave of the pandemic.

Karin A. Carlson
as the 'Voice of Susan'

If Susan Ray didn't just have her parents to deal with as her mum and her stepdad confront one another over a series of skype sessions, she is mistaken. Susan finds herself battling COVID_19 in self-isolation and is then removed to Florence Hospital where she must fend for herself till she can find hope again to find a way to bring her parents back together on speaking terms, in the hope that they will love each other once again.  

Neil - Steve.jpg
Abi - Corinne.jpg

Here comes
Abi Knight as:
Met-Police Officer
Corinne Ray

Corinne, dissatisfied with Steve's ''loss of spark', has moved on from Oxford to the Met Police in London working in vehicle patrol where she works the long shift hours to maintain the family. But as Steve and Corinne struggle apart amidst the first lockdown, questions are being raised as to whether they can keep their love for one another together.

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