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Mission Statement -
Our mission is to champion
creativity with an artistic  vision in films.



Welcome to Auteur Film Productions UK Ltd; we are an indie film production company (originally Films First Productions) founded by Sean Mukherjee & Neil Mukherjee). Our company is relatively new where both Sean and I further our steps in film-making and creative story-making.

Meet Neil Mukherjee

I'm Neil Mukherjee and I work on script-writing, pre-production as well as being involved in directing and cinematography and am also producing and co-producing a series of projects. I am a trained actor and have appeared in a number of our films. I am currently represented by BMA Artists. 

​Meet Sean Mukherjee

Hi, I'm Sean. I trained in Digital Filmmaking at SAE Institute, Oxford, the UK and I am continuing my training with Richmond American International University in London from 2021. I will continue to work in my production company whilst completing my studies. We have been making films together since moving to Oxford from Greater London in 2016/2017.

We both have a keen interest to work with artistic talents and freelance crew from all backgrounds. We are also involved in working internationally.


I work with my younger brother, Neil at Auteur Film Productions UK Ltd, as a Producer, Director, and as Director of Photography. The very first film I directed under our UK indie company was 'Dilemma' which won awards at the Calcutta Cult Film Festival in 2020 and at L'age d'Or International Arthouse Film Festival and our film was also nominated for the Golden Fox Awards in 2021.

In our auteuristic films, we take an artistic look into films and have a great sense of ownership and responsibility in making great stories of interest and significance for a contemporary as well as for an inter-generational diverse audience. 


The Work We Do:​

Together we give a unique edge to film-making by blending youthful exuberance with retro artistry. We are keen to take on project requests from clients as freelance operatives and we seek to work with clients, professionals and artists who have a story to tell and share through their individual presence, artistic take and with collaborative teamwork.


If you have a project in mind, contact us on our contact page and we would be happy to send you a quote within 3 working days.

Our productions require the support of cultural organisations, enthusiastic entrepreneurs and interested clients seeking to get a film project done, we also collaborate with film and TV charities who are keen to work with us in financing and supporting our films as key stakeholders with a positive approach towards film-making.

Thank you,

Sincerely Yours,

Neil Mukherjee & Sean Mukherjee

(Auteur Film Productions UK Ltd)

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"Great experiences come a few times in life, why don't we cherish these very experiences and film our expressions of living by making movies to entertain an audience and inspire the world to fulfill their dreams." -
Sean Mukherjee & Neil Mukheree

"Filmmaking to us is all about the story and how the characters bring the story to life"
Neil & Sean Mukherjee.

"The essence of filmmaking is about  capturing many intricate and varied moments in time, woven together by the artistic take of creative artists, to showcase a story that creates a lasting impact on its viewers through the power of filmmaking." - Auteur Film Productions UK Ltd.