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Mission Statement -
Our mission is to inspire creativity with artistic vision in films.



Welcome to Auteur Film Productions UK Ltd; we are an indie film production company (originally Films First Productions) founded by Sean Mukherjee & Neil Mukherjee). Our company is relatively new where both Sean and I further our steps in film-making and creative story-making.

Our productions require the support of cultural organisations, enthusiastic entrepreneurs and interested clients seeking to get a film project done, we also collaborate with film and TV charities who are keen to work with us in financing and supporting our films as key stakeholders with a positive approach towards film-making.

Thank you,

Sincerely Yours,

Neil Mukherjee & Sean Mukherjee

(Auteur Film Productions UK Ltd)

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"Great experiences come a few times in life, why don't we cherish these very experiences and film our expressions of living by making movies to entertain an audience and inspire the world to fulfill their dreams." -
Sean Mukherjee & Neil Mukheree

"Filmmaking to us is all about the story and how the characters bring the story to life"
Neil & Sean Mukherjee.

"The essence of filmmaking is about  capturing many intricate and varied moments in time, woven together by the artistic take of creative artists, to showcase a story that creates a lasting impact on its viewers through the power of filmmaking." - Auteur Film Productions UK Ltd.

We are currently only taking requests towards filming documentaries, local corporate videos and music videos.  We are not taking on any optioned movie or short fiction scripts as we are committed to a number of in-house projects. If you have any queries please email us, thank you  - AFPUK Ltd