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 Dilemma (2019) has been awarded: Outstanding Achievement Award in the category of Short Films at: Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, India and was also nominated for the Golden Fox Awards.

   'Dilemma' has also been awarded as:
Best Romantic Short
at the L'age d'or International Arthouse Film Festival, Kolkata, India

The Pandemic Affair (2020) has been awarded The Critics' Choice Award for a Short Films at The: Tagore International Film Festival, India and has recently been nominated for the Sun of the East Awards 2021.

The Pandemic Affair (2020) has been awarded: A Special Mention Award for a Short Films at One Reeler Film Festival,
Los Angeles, USA.

Susan (Rays of Hope has been awarded in the catergory of Semi-Finalist at the Best Director's Award, London (2020) and also has been awarded  Best Romnatic Short by the Royal  Society of Television & Motion Picture Awards, Kolkata (August 2021).

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