Dilemma (2019) - Awarded at the: Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (2020)

Director & Producer: Sean Mukherjee 

Screenwriter & Co-producer: Neil Mukherjee  N

Genre: Romantic Drama 

Winner Laurel New.png

The Pandemic Affair (2020)
Awarded at the:
Tagore International Film Festival [2020]

Director:  Neil Mukherjee

Producer: Sean Mukherjee

Director of Photography: Sean Mukherjee

Genre: Drama/Romance & Suspense 


THE PANDEMIC AFFAIR_TIFF_Sticker_2021 (2).jpg
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Royal Society of Television  Motion Picture Awards - 2021.png

Susan: Rays of Hope (2021) - [International Release]
Best Romantic Short at the Royal Society of Television & Motion Picture Awards, Kolkata.

Producer/Director of Photography: Sean Mukherjee

Director:  Neil Mukherjee

Screenwriter:  Neil Mukherjee

Genre:  Family Drama/Relationships


The Windrush Journey - From Adversity to Hope -  
[In Consultation]

Producer:  Neil Mukherjee

Director: TBC

Line Producer: TBC

Production Co-ordinator: Sean Mukherjee

Genre: Mini-Documentary


Mountains of Glory: A Himalayan Tale [Script/Developing]

Producer: Sean Mukherjee

Director:  Neil Mukherjee

Line Producer: TBC

Screenwriter:  Neil Mukherjee

Genre:  Animation Feature Film