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Dilemma (2019)

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In The News: 2019

Pre-production starts for Dilemma



Production of Dilemma started with filming at Westgate Shopping Centre in Oxford, UK. We worked with Virginia Lee (Sarah) and Lily (Shelly). Our additional crew member was Jermaine who was our sound engineer for both days. It was a cold Wednesday morning but we had great fun filming the scene. Our thanks goes out to all our cast and crew.

Production - Day 2 of 2; Dilemma

In The News: 2020

We are in pre-production for Susan (2020), a lockdown script, completed and now progressing towards the storyboard. We also had our table-read session with 'Corinne' and 'Susan'.

Our two hours session involved reading through the script in character and we also had a great time brainstorming the characters individually and collectively.
It was great to see 'Corinne' and 'Susan' improvise a scene in preparation for the characters. An event that may have taken place as a part of the backstory.
Note-taking was cool and we also had clips of behind the scenes which we shared with all our actors.
Keep looking out for further information about this and future projects.  



Pre-production starts for Susan

(now released on Vimeo)



On day 2 we all set out for the City Centre and filmed at  the Art Centre Oxford and at the Oxford Playhouse, the mood and atmosphere was uplifting and we fitted two scenes back to back at the two locations. We also worked with Charlotte who was a supporting cast member in this production. Although we had time restrictions, we wrapped well on time and we all have had pleasant memories of the two day shoot. Looking forward we are looking at both a prequel and a sequel to Dilemma. We will keep you posted as and when production develops. Auteur Film  Productions UK Ltd.


13th 20th 

Post-production & Release of: Dilemma

Post production started from the  13th of January. In post production we worked with Chloe who was our Editing Engineer for this stage of the filmmaking process. Chloe was professional, efficient and fun to work with.  Thank you all for your kind participation in our production. Sean & Neil.

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